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 Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

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This is my story of coming from a semi-rural area of the American south just after WWII, to teaching erotic massage in San Francisco after the hippie days, to producing the documentary The Sacred Prostitute, to teaching a shamanic training embracing sexuality, to becoming a crystal whisperer and whisperer of home, business, and ceremonial spaces indoors and in nature.
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My path to understanding the ancient and contemporary sacred prostitute, which I now call the “path of the sexual shaman” began in 1968 while working for Planned Parenthood in Chicago as a summer intern. In my spare time there I read and watched all the pamphlets and films on sexuality.  The times they were a-changin’, and a few months later I left grad school in sociology to begin my hippie trip across the US, Mexico, and the Virgin Islands.

After several years of being on the road, I ended up in San Francisco studying massage. I found I was a natural at this and passed all my certification tests the last day of school. Soon giving and teaching massage, I came to realize that the massage profession was deeply ignorant of how to relate consciously to sexual energy.

This led me to teaching what I called erotic massage to people of all sexual orientations throughout North America and Europe. I also began giving individuals a 5-7-hour nurturing ceremony of guided meditation, bathing, feeding, and massage.

In these classes and ceremonies is where I really began to learn about energy. Not just sexual, orgasmic energy, but the primordial energy that is the essence of our being. At the same time I was seeking wisdom from metaphysical teachers, a Tibetan Buddhist lama, and a Chinese Taoist scholar. I knew the energy intensity I was experiencing in my erotic massage classes and my nurturing ceremonies were integrally related to my spiritual path.

But I had grown up in Southern Baptist fundamentalism where the spirit was good and the flesh was evil. That was a paradigm that did not speak to my inner knowing. Something was way off.

The emerging Western sexual Tantra was answering some of my questions, but it was not until I stepped onto a shamanic path that spiritualitysexualityenergywisdom, and transformation all came together for me. I began to “read” people’s energy patterns and saw many energetic similarities between the Tibetan lamas, the Native American medicine people, and some sacred sexuality teachers/practitioners I knew closely.

To share with others what I was learning in my personal reintegration of spirituality and sexuality, I envisioned, edited, and published Women of the Light: The New Sacred Prostitute, an anthology of nine women writing about their journey as a sacred sexuality practitioner. Next came my 90-minute documentary, The Sacred Prostitute, and now my 60-minute documentary, Path of the Sexual Shaman: Teachings on Energy, Orgasm, and Wisdom.

I have developed a training, or “empowerment,” on my approach to energy that emphasizes energetically merging with others to enable shamanic transformation. I also give individual clearing-balancing sessions over the phone or Skype.

Thirdly, as a crystal whisperer I do a special ceremony over Skype or the phone with you and 1-3 of your crystals. This ceremony supports the development of your crystals’ energetic structures-functions-abilities as well as the “syncing up” between you and your crystals. This enables the crystal 1. to function as a natural energizer you carry in your pocket, 2. to be a meditation partner, and 3. to function in a healing/transformation role for you and your clients.

A traditional shaman is not what I consider myself. Nor do I lead traditional shamanic ceremonies, though I have participated in many. I consider myself an “energy dancer” that has developed shamanic abilities.

Please explore my vision in this website. I hope it supports your evolution.

Feel free to contact me.

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

A Brief Photo Bio –  click on photos for descriptions
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